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Music Score Arrangement and Score Production

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Score Arrangement
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Music score arrangement and score production are both facilities we offer at the studio.

Score arrangement is the same process as audio arrangement, except that it results in a written score which may be copyright to both the songwriter and the arranger, depending on the scope of their roles in the creation of the music.

We are able to produce scores for simple piano and voice to choral works. We are happy to arrange both traditional and non-traditional music in this way, and also to produce scores from the writer's handwritten score, or from his own harmonies and melodies without the use of an arrangers. This is a useful way to copyright those elusive songs in a written format, and ensure that they are properly protected and credited to you.

We are happy to arrange scores in both Welsh and English as well as a variety of other languages such as French, German, Italian Spanish, etc.

If you are interested in making use of our score arranging services or would like a score made of your music, please contact Jane on 07792293407 or email us 

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Song and Music Development
* We can add harmony lines and a backing where you have created the vocal line and lyrics. 

* We offer song-writing services in a huge variety of styles.

* Our midi/sequencer/synth section makes use of a wide range of midi sounds...orchestral, electronic etc and our equipment includes the very latest dance machines to assist you in your musical production. This is another way in which entire backings can be created for non-musician writers.

*  Original high quality song and backing material produced to your specifications and cut to CD with your vocals in as little as four or five working hours. Testimonials are available from satisfied customers.

Feel free to contact us and suggest a project, we're happy to give an opinion with no commitment on your part.

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Commercial Music and Soundtrack/scripting
Whatever your company's musical theme requirements, from sound effects to simple jingles or full video soundtracks, we can work to your specifications with original material created for and copyrighted to you.
In addition we provide a full scripting service, developing scripts from idea to full dialogue.

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