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As far as audio track preparation is concerned, song arrangement falls into two areas

1.The arrangement of harmony and key.

2.The addition of musical instrumentation.

This is for if you want your song arranged for recording purposes, or are not interested in having a written version of your music. (Scores can be produced at a later stage, if required.)

The arrangement of harmony and key.
We are happy to basically arrange any type of song in this way, whether indie, pop, dance, classical or choral, and to put backing music to rap and so forth, providing copyright is observed - the song would then be copyrighted to the writer of the lyrics and melody, but the arrangement would be copyrighted to the arranger. There is a basic charge made for the use of the studio during the creation of the arrangement, but not for the arranging work itself, since this remains the intellectual property of the arranger who will be owed royalties should the track succeed.

Arrangement of this nature, i.e. audio arrangement, is generally done in the presence of the singer / songwriter, and involves a great deal of experimentation. During this time often the arranger can hear elements in a different way from the songwriter and sometimes a great deal of perseverance is needed to arrive at a set of harmonies which satisfy - and which will be workable in the broader style of the song. Usually, however, a working style is reached within minutes. It can be an extremely enjoyable process, and is usually very rewarding all round.
We pride ourselves in being able to develop songs of all styles in workable and commercial-sounding tracks, and focus on building strong working relationships between the lyricist, singer and arranger which result in emotive high calibre songs produced in an unselfconscious atmosphere.

Songs where the lyrics and melody already exist can be arranged in between one and two hours

The addition of musical instrumentation.
However the instrumentation phase often takes longer, at between five and eight hours. This process is loosely referred to as "production", and can be copyrighted or uncopyrighted, depending on your contract. This is something you need to negotiate with the studio before you attend.

If you are interested in booking an arranging session, or would like to discuss the arrangement of your music or song, please contact Jane on 07792293407 or email us .

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Song and Music Development
* We can add harmony lines and a backing where you have created the vocal line and lyrics. 

* We offer song-writing services in a huge variety of styles.

* Our midi/sequencer/synth section makes use of a wide range of midi sounds...orchestral, electronic etc and our equipment includes the very latest dance machines to assist you in your musical production. This is another way in which entire backings can be created for non-musician writers.

*  Original high quality song and backing material produced to your specifications and cut to CD with your vocals in as little as four or five working hours. Testimonials are available from satisfied customers.

Feel free to contact us and suggest a project, we're happy to give an opinion with no commitment on your part.

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Commercial Music and Soundtrack / scripting
Whatever your company's musical theme requirements, from sound effects to simple jingles or full video soundtracks, we can work to your specifications with original material created for and copyrighted to you.
In addition we provide a full scripting service, developing scripts from idea to full dialogue.

Contact us for a quote

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