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Mastering your Destiny

So you have your recording - DAT or other audio, but although it shows the essence of what you can do, the finer points may have been lost! At best, not everything has the impact you intended. At worst the hollow hissy sound which has been produced if you picked the wrong recording studio bears little resemblance to the quality of the original!

Whatever the problem with your music, remember that very few crude recordings bear the polish and depth of properly mastered tracks, and that audio mastering is very much the norm and hallmark of professionals and semi-professionals. DO NOT DESPAIR!
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Audio Enhancement

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We are also specialist in commercial Advertising Music, and have extensive experience in creating and producing soundtracks for commercial video.

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CD Mastering

At Mantra our team of mastering technicians combine acute natural listening and pitching skills with twenty years' expertise in the sound production business. We are able to "lift and separate" through our CD mastering process.

Our products are mastered to Red Book standard, i.e. to a standard suitable for public broadcast. Some of our common techniques are listed below:

digital noise printing,
digital noise reduction,
subtractive synthesis,
click removal,
pop removal,
radio play,
vinyl restoration,
hum removal,
machine noise removal,
multi-band dynamics,
digital enhancement

If you would like to talk over our cd mastering and audio mastering techniques or what we can achieve, please feel free to telephone EMAIL ENQUIRY ONLY in normal working hours. Alternatively, you can email us at here .

*Our rates are £40 per hour. Discounts may be available for more than 4 hrs' work. Please verify any discounts at the time of enquiry.

*All mastering is digitally processed, unless it is specifically advantageous to use analogue processing in certain circumstances.

*We welcome your attendance at mastering sessions - your opinion is of critical importance. Some mastering can be listened to and checked by email.

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