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I am a creative musician. My recent album “Refugee” for the band “Hookstick” has been a venture to combine original soul, funk and other styles with modern pop, using virtuoso musicianship in a very light context. The album was released in 2017 and will be gigged under a new line-up in 2018.

In my teaching capacity, I run songwriting and piano courses and arrange masterclasses using keyboards. Together with other artists I organise “build a band” sessions for children or adults. I can teach whole class composition in schools based around keyboards, or I can teach one to one piano.

In performance, I am an improviser and can add piano where required to drama activities and also to plays, theatre and pantomime. I can create songs to order for performance by adults or children.

"Music brings happiness, and I am happiest bringing music.”


*25 years in : Music Development,
*25 years in : Music Development, Teaching, Songwriting, Composition, Editing.
*10 years’ experience in Music Production.
*British Teaching Certificate (PGCE) in TEFL.

Recent Experience in:
* Creative Music Teaching. *Piano Teaching.
* Writing and recording a multi-instrumentalist album. *Live Band Performance
* Commercial Band Development. Studio Arrangement and Music Editing (Cubase)
* Music Business Management and Agent Work.
* Educational Projects. *Musical Event Organisation

Advanced Skills in:
*Harmonic Development *Song Structure *Lyrical Development. *Music and Video-based Teaching Skills

Educational Expertise:
*Whole Class Music Teaching *Music Technology Teaching
*Music Performance Teaching *Build a Band

Associated experience:
*SEN *Intercultural Matters * Music Promotion

Recent CPD in :
*Child Protection *Secondary Behaviour *Project-Based Learning