• Hookstick - Sparkles

    Hookstick - Sparkles

    Hookstick -  Sparkles - from the album "Refugee"

    Sassy funky version of "When Tomorrow Comes", turning a soft ballad into a suggestive Macy Gray -style funtrack. Great vocal by Kes C. Elements of blues combined with soft pop and a standout bassline.



  • Kes C - Lonely

    Kes C - Lonely

    Classic blues rock track written by Jan Mosiewicz sung in the way only Kes C can.



  • Kes C -Still Loving You

    Kes C -Still Loving You

    Modern take on a gospel-style track, written by Jan Mosiewicz, shows Kes C's glorious vocals to great effect.




Image (kindly provided) by Mike Winkelmann

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