Mike Pratt - Don't Go Down to Jackson

Mike Pratt - Don't Go Down to Jackson
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(Don't Go Down to) Jackson - Mike Pratt

(Don't Go Down To) Jackson - nothing to do with the Johnny Cash Song. I was travelling with my brother over-seas on a road trip. There was a small turning off the road to "Jackson - 70 km". My brother commented as we passed that it was best not to go down there, given that it was a long way along a single track road, or something to that effect. Anyway, that was the germ for this Wilburys-flavoured song.

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 © "Don't Go Down to Jackson" was written by Mike Pratt in 2011
Sung by Mike Pratt
Produced by Lane and Lane
Recorded at the Beehouse Recording Studios

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Image (kindly provided) by Mike Winkelmann

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