Hookstick - Refugee -The Album - CD + downloads

Hookstick - Refugee -The Album - CD + downloads
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Hookstick - Refugee - The Album - CD Version with Download card.

To listen on the go, get the download card for an additional £2 (normal price £8).

1. Refugee  2. Love Dream  3. Discovery  4. Lover  5. Real  6. Serious  7. Sparkles  8. Twice as Nice  9. Watch This Space  10. Who You Are  11. Lover (Instrumental)  12. When Tomorrow Comes  ...............plus Artwork

* Kes C - Vocals     * Jonny Welburn - Backing vocals and drums    * Tom Stedman - Guitar      * Rachael Townend - Bass Guitar    * Jane Lane - Piano, Keys and Songwriting      * Philip "Fizz" Lane - Keys, Production.

Noochoon Record Label

Tracks © Lane and Lane 2015-2017

Hookstick is a pop funk band based in the Midlands. But Hookstick aren't golden oldies - they have a whole set of tracks for a new generation of party-goers and music freaks. The band sometimes weave in older numbers, but their own tracks are fresh and instantly memorable. Either played alongside a traditional retro DJ set or alone, this music is geared to get people dancing and create a fun and powerful vibe for all sorts of events.

Total individuals musically, the band has gelled together as a brilliant force to be reckoned with. Dynamite, direct, sassy and quirky, their original sound comes across in sometimes complex but always catchy tracks that truly form a bridge between disco, funk, soul and accessible pop sounds.



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