Henry's Machine - Blue - Radio Edit

Henry's Machine - Blue - Radio Edit
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Henry's Machine feat. Sam Gomm - Blue

Blue, performed by Henry's Machine feat. Sam Gomm.

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Dubstep dance-ballad sung in a unique performance by Sam Gomm.

The track was recorded at The Beehouse Recording Studio in Llanfyllin and mastered at Abbey Rd Recording Studios. Violin by Julian Jackson. A long time in the making this track was written in 2003 and brought to life by this great up-to-date production from Philip Lane. Track can be bought at Noochoon or iTunes, or all the usual places. Video by Phil and Jenny Lane.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SHo4G6XbFM. This song was partly videoed during the solar eclipse in Snowdonia. It's an iconic song and the video has an unexpected twist, if you like to think about videos.

Recorded at The Beehouse Recording Studio, videoed at historic venue Llanfyllin Workhouse, mastered at Abbey Road Studios

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About Henry's Machine
Featuring Sam Gomm, Kes C and Little Ryos as lead vocalists in a variety of tracks, Henry's Machine is a band formed from the songwriting and production skills of Lane and Lane, AKA Philip and Jane Lane, of the Beehouse Recording Studio. Working with various featured singers and performers, Henry's Machine creates electronic dance tracks and also touches on a variety of other genres.

"EDM raw. Henry's Machine dance tracks can be consumed neat or incorporated into your wildest mash-ups. Slick iconic fun songs ready for exploitation, Henry's Machine are a dance ideas line-up with BPMs ranging between 75 and 160 depending on genre. Hooky, mainstream, driven pop in an original, quirky electro-band format."

Tracks are recorded at the Beehouse Recording Studio and promoted by Noochoon.

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