Henrys Machine - Love The... Radio Edit

Henrys Machine - Love The... Radio Edit
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Henry's Machine - Love The...

© 2012 Lane and Lane

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Henry's Machine is a collective formed from the songwriting and production skills of Lane and Lane, AKA Philip and Jane Lane, of the Beehouse Recording Studio. Working with various featured singers and performers, Henry's Machine creates electronic dance tracks and also touches on a variety of other genres. "Love The..." is a rare example of Philip Lane's vocals on this dubstep track.

"EDM raw. Henry's Machine dance tracks can be consumed neat or incorporated into your wildest mash-ups. Slick iconic fun songs ready for exploitation, HM are a dance ideas line-up with BPMs ranging between 75 and 160 depending on genre. Hooky, mainstream, driven pop in an original, quirky electro-band format."

Tracks are recorded at the Beehouse Recording Studio and released and promoted by Noochoon.


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