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Noochoon is the publishing wing of Lane and Lane Songwriters, containing the music of unique and original bands such as Henry's Machine, Fluance and Hookstick.

Please tune into our quirky and original musicpods from all aroundthe world to hear music you instantly relate to...although with a lot of twists and new stuff you weren't most likely expecting.

* original music services

Noochoon fosters and supports a range of original and virtuoso-based performing artists and bands, such as Hookstick, Fluance and Henry's Machine. These are available for booking at suitable venues and events throughout the year.

* original music downloads

We independently publish promote and distribute a select number of pop tracks with a specific connection to the studio, and provide programmes for specific genre radio shows. Noochoon is also a record label. We welcome any promotional interest in the tracks on the Noochoon website, and also create tracks for specific purposes and to order.

* sound engineering and DJ services

Noochoon also provides the services of Lane and Lane to produce new music for your requirements. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with your project.

Jane and Philip Lane




Image (kindly provided) by Mike Winkelmann

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