Noochoon is a trading name used by Jane Lane as a sole trader.

Private Record Label

Noochoon is primarily a private record label or imprint for tracks written all or in part by Lane and Lane. The name Noochoon is trademarked for this use.

Recording and Performing Opportunities
Because of this function, Noochoon sometimes offers interested artists to collaboration and joining in on helping to record pre-written tracks to a high professional standard with experienced and professional music industry specialists. Opportunities periodically exist to release innovative and pioneering tracks in a variety of genres, including funk and soul, disco, pop, electropop, dubstep, dance, house, rock, indie, and many other styles.

Additional Services
Noochoon can also offer separate services such as:

recording         songwriting help             video services        
music training       track distribution        ISRC and EAN coding
PRS and PPL registration       remixes       website design
music videos       financial services