Fluance Prog Rock Band - Lunacy Album

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"Hanging Out", the single is being released separately from the album Lunacy by Fluance as a charity single to raise money for the victims of the recent flood disaster in The Vega Baja region and surrounding areas. All proceeds (minus Paypal's micropayment charge) will go to the fund. A full record of payments received and donated from the sale of the single will be available for inspection upon reasonable application.

Lunacy by Fluance

Lunacy is an album of melodic Prog Rock music, very much reminiscent of Pink Floyd. It has been recorded using the instrumentation and production techniques available in the 1970's in the heyday of the Prog Rock genre.It also features a "genuine article in the guise of Duncan Mackay, famous for his work with The Alan Parsons Project, Camel, Budgie, 10CC, Kate Bush and Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel. Also, most notably Marty Prior from Cockney Rebel and Barry James Thomas from Sad Cafe and his work with Phil Lynott.

The songs are written by Philip Lane and Jane Lane and Philip has recorded, produced and mixed the album at the Beehouse Recording Studios in Llanfyllin, Wales. Organ and piano parts were also recorded by Duncan and Mick Evans at Melpro Studios in Cape Town and Bass and Barry's lead guitar on "Hanging Out" were recorded in Spain.

The album is a concept album and is best listened to in the order intended namely:



It Doesn't Matter

Hanging Out

Just Call 

Greatest Friend

Then, You Remember

You Are Not Alone

Try Not To Drown

A single file of the album is also provided alongside the individual tracks.

Musician contributions are as follows:

Duncan Mackay - Organ, Piano, Synths

Marty Prior - Bass

Barry James Thomas - Lead Guitar on "Hanging Out"

Jane Lane - Piano

Philip Lane - Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Piano, Synths, Guitar and Percussion

Jonny Welburn - Drums, Percussion and Backing Vocals

Mark Montana - Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Tom Stedman - Guitar on "Deprivation"

Henrik Lundgren - Acoustic Guitar on "Just Call"

Tony Skeggs - Acoustic Guitar on "Hanging Out"

Steve Cooper - Sax

Kerri-Ann Collins (Kes C) - Vocals on Try Not To Drown

Jenni Lane - Backing Vocals

Henry Lane - Intro and Outro Piano on "It Doesn't Matter"

Michael Lane - Power Tools and Piano Harp solo on "You Are Not Alone" 


Lunacy es un álbum de música melódica Prog Rock, que recuerda mucho a Pink Floyd. Ha sido grabado utilizando la instrumentación y las técnicas de producción disponibles en la década de 1970 en el apogeo del género Prog Rock. También presenta un "artículo genuino disfrazado de Duncan Mackay, famoso por su trabajo con The Alan Parsons Project, Camel, Budgie , 10CC, Kate Bush y Steve Harley y Cockney Rebel. También, especialmente Marty Prior de Cockney Rebel y Barry James Thomas de Sad Cafe y su trabajo con Phil Lynott.

Las canciones están escritas por Philip Lane y Jane Lane y Philip ha grabado, producido y mezclado el álbum en los Estudios de grabación de Beehouse en Llanfyllin, Gales. Las partes de órgano y piano también fueron grabadas por Duncan y Mick Evans en Melpro Studios en Ciudad del Cabo y la guitarra principal de Bass y Barry en "Hanging Out" se grabó en España.

El álbum es un álbum conceptual y se escucha mejor en el orden previsto, a saber:



No importa

Pasando el rato

Solo llama

Mejor amigo

Entonces, recuerdas

No estas solo

Intenta no ahogarse

También se proporciona un solo archivo del álbum junto con las pistas individuales.

Las contribuciones de los músicos son las siguientes:

Duncan Mackay - Órgano, Piano, Sintetizadores Marty Prior - Bajo Barry James Thomas - Guitarra solista en "Hanging Out" Jane Lane - Piano Philip Lane - Voz principal, coros, piano, sintetizadores, guitarra y percusión Jonny Welburn - Batería, percusión y coros Mark Montana - Guitarra solista y rítmica Tom Stedman - Guitarra en "Privación" Henrik Lundgren - Guitarra acústica en "Just Call" Tony Skeggs - Guitarra acústica en "Hanging Out" Steve Cooper - Sax Kerri-Ann Collins (Kes C) - Voz en Intentar no ahogarse Jenni Lane - Voces de acompañamiento Henry Lane - Introducción y Outro Piano en "No importa" Michael Lane - Power Tools y Piano Harp solo en "You Are Not Alone"