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How we record.

Recording Customers

Jane Lane
Kes C
Little Ryos
Cally Rhodes
Molan Spectrum
Jan Mosiewicz
Tony Skeggs
Mike Pratt
Jared McClune
British Railways Pension Fund
Jessica and Laura Cole
Claire Palmer
Dangerous Dave
Lane and Lane Music Production
Powys County Council
Llanfyllin Young Farmers
Caroline Peel

Recording Studio Facilities

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We are also specialist in commercial Advertising Music, and have extensive experience in creating and producing soundtracks for commercial video.


Recording Quality

Recording with Mantra.

Mantra's main studios are superbly equipped and professionally administered to a high level of skill and sensitivity. From solo artist to eight-piece jazz band, we have the technology and perhaps more importantly the tried and tested experience to get the best out of recording sessions, which tend to be relaxed, informal but purposeful.

One of our greatest assets has to be a rare blend of acute natural and trained listening skills. This combination means the studio recording process is less a frustrated battle to retain something of your original work, and more a pleasurable way of developing your musical ideas into a satisfying format through tried and tested recording techniques.

Recording is high spec, digital, 24-bit resolution at up to 96 khz sampling rates- Follow this link to the technical information page, to see details of the high calibre hardware and software we use to achieve our results.

Additional backings, drums, bass, vocals, piano/keyboards, guitar, orchestral sounds and so forth can be arranged as required. (Session rates will apply.)

For more detail of our recording studio facilities, please email us.


Recording Studio Facilities in Llanfyllin

Community Rate provided for those living within a ten mile radius.

Welshpool recording studio
A sizeable number of our recording clientele are actually based in Welshpool. Our work with the local community has included a large number of bilingual Welsh video recordings

Oswestry recording studio
Oswestry is the largest town and we see many recording artists possing over from Oswestry to enjoy our great new facility and the high standard of recording and production.

Shrewsbury recording studio
We are also pretty local for Shrewsbury recordings. Shrewsbury is also a key launch area for our new music, particularly Hookstick tracks