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For a soundtrack project we are able to dedicate our whole studio and resources.

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We are also specialist in commercial Advertising Music, and have extensive experience in creating and producing soundtracks for commercial video.

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Advertising music provides adverts with a unique selling point for a variety of reasons. It may offer stylistic identification with the product for the target market, but sometimes a piece of music is simply so annoying that mere repetition sticks in the brain far longer than words alone ever could..

In the production of your music we are likely to ask ourselves whether you wish it to fulfil any of the following criteria:

Is it to provide an aesthetic appeal which will draw watchers in by gently reminding them of other pleasant pieces of music?

Is it to supply meaning to the advertisement by the use of specific instrumentation, or to enhance the action of the advertisement by completing the sense of what it being said?

Is it to provide a long term catchy reminder of the product, a mnemonic device to stick in the customer's mind?

Is there an interplay between speech and music, or are lyrics required to enhance meaning?

What is the target market for the product, and is this to be reflected in the music provided?

So before even the first chord is struck, we will be building an organic idea of what music will most efficiently carry the meanings and entertainment values essential for the task at hand. This procedure then allows us to move forward in the structuring of the whole product.