Singer Opportunities: Vocalist Opportunities

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Molan Publishing Ltd is a new dynamic initiative with funds to invest in
developing the careers of vocalist performers with potential. Molan is prepared
to offer involvement in its pop, dance and other specialist music
development projects. Working with our songwriters, production and
recording studio specialists, you will have the opportunity to have yourself and
your vocal abilities promoted by our in-house promotions team, in a fully
contracted capacity. Both male and female singers should click through
to our online form to submit an application.

Vocalists required

This opportunity is suitable for applicants of all genres and styles;
Molan is primarily looking for outstanding singers with a strong interest
in live performance, entertainment and possibly humour
No application will be considered without the submission of an audio sample.

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Featured Artist Opportunities

Molan is also able to offer promotion to selected artists under various agreements we
have in place with a number of record labels. Opportunities are currently available for
talented vocalist performers, and singer performers to develop their career through the
performance and recording of new material which has already been written and laid down
to backing track form.

Auditions for Singers - How to Audition

If you would like to apply or audition for a Molan Promotional Opportunity, please fill in the form on the contacts page attaching one or more samples of your vocal work. Ideally this should be in your strongest genre, but please try to include something current. Two or three samples is about right. As music publishers, we currently have a strong interest in versatile singers with an ability to multi-track and harmonise, particularly those with an interest in dance, pop, electronic genres, R and B, novelty or musical styles, but we also publish a large selection of novelty tracks requiring a variety of different voices,and will be pleased to hear your sample, whatever the genre, if the quality of singing is of a high enough standard.
If you do not currently have an acceptable sample, we can recommend a recording day at the Beehouse Recording Studio, whose experience days will provide a demo of professional quality. Costs are between £135 and £200. Other than that, any reasonable standard recording carried out in a professional studio will be sufficient.

Recording Contracts

To enhance its music publishing activities, Molan is in a position to offer recording contracts to several singers, musicians and vocalists, working with Molan on developing our tracks into finished products for the British, European or American markets. There are only a small number of these contracts available and therefore limited opportunities, however we welcome samples from either male or female vocalists who feel they may be able to contribute, ideally in the fields of dance, novelty, R and B, or disco. Of these applicants we are likely to favour strong performers who are able to contribute creatively to the finished products.Application is carried out in the same way as audition application, through samples submission from our contacts page.