Molan Music Publishing Ltd
- making it happen!

Molan is a UK Music Publishing Company producing pop tracks for the British,
European and US Markets. Molan takes songs from their raw beginnings and
works to develop exciting and entertaining commercial hits for a whole
spectrum of ages and tastes. Tracks are generally recorded with UK
based artists, singers and performers and then marketed through our
chain of contacts and relationships worldwide.

We welcome contacts from distributors and artists who would like to
work with us to promote our tracks and music ventures.

Molan Publishing Ltd is concerned with developing music for a variety
of markets including dance tracks and club tracks, modern commercial
pop and a variety of other genres, including ballad and Electropop. We are driven
by a variety of skills, both in the fields of music writing, production and
promotion, and our activities play a vital role in the development of new
music, by building partnerships between performers of a variety of experience
and songwriters / producers, with the ultimate aim of bringing both music and
performers to new markets.

Music Publishing - what we do

Molan Publishing Ltd - Music Publishing for Artists
and Performers:

Creating and producing tracks of a wide variety of genres, suitable for new
artist exploitation.

Finding new and talented singers, vocalists, performers, songwriters and musicians.

Encouraging and supporting them and providing them with music to perform helping
them reach relevant markets.

Securing commissions for new works.

Registering works of singers, musicians, songwriters with all appropriate
collecting agencies, eg PRS for UK Music.

Barcoding works for royalty collection.

Producing and licensing music.

Promoting singers, bands, musicians, composers, songwriters' music

Promoting to performers, broadcasters, record companies and commercial users.

Monitoring owned music use and proper payment for licensed uses, taking appropriate
action over infringements.

Making royalty payments to songwriters and composers in respect of the
usage of their music.  
Partnership with writers, artists, performers, recording studios, distribution and promotional
organisations in the UK, Europe and USA.