"awesome disco funk UK style*!"
Kathryn Katte Curry, Katte Productions, Washington, USA    
"They sound very good. Some are soft pop, and some funky. Refugee has a special atmosphere i like it a lot !!
Herman Smeets, Herman Smeets Show, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

"I like ‘Lover’ the most, plenty going on of interest there. “NO-ONE ELSE BUT YOU!!* Am I hearing 'love you like a swing’ or something else? When can I start playing this?"
Mike Pratt, Mike Live Radio and Castledown Radio, Hampshire, UK
"Wow! Absolutely amazing!! Can't wait for the album!"

(Watch This Space)
   Dawn Caroline French, Shropshire
"thanks for the demos, you have a nice distinct sound, tight musicians and a great vocal, bluesy, folk, pop inflections"
Gaz Williams, the Soul Devotion Collective, Radio Cardiff
"Definitely on the to buy list"
(Watch This Space) Nienke Pengelly, Shropshire