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Disco Funk

Disco funk revolution. Listen to our samples before you buy. Hookstick's tasty funk-based tracks and super-hot soul vocals will hit you with that great feelgood party vibe.

The Hookstick Disco Funk Project swings into action - hear them on local radio or eyeball them in person at a shopping mall near you.

New generation funk & soul from the fabulous Kes C.

Samples and downloads from Noochoon. Uni
que Disco Funk Album "Real" releasing anytime soon.


Hookstick is a funk band playing hooky driven funk, soul and pop reggae styles with a heavy MOBO sound with all the power of retro funk and soul. They offer a night's entertainment of pop styles mixed with DJ beats. The band are a moveable feast with different instrumentalists covering different sets but fronted with supreme confidence by Kes C in her inimitable funky style. Hookstick is planning a tour this year in support of Action on Hearing Loss - details are on the funk tour page. The tour will be starting at Cardiff Radio with a live interview.

Vocalists :

Kes C (by kind permission of Molan Publishing Ltd)
Jonny Welburn


Instrumentalists :

Guitar : Tom Stedman
Drums and Percussion : Jonny Welburn
Bass Guitar and Keys: Philip Lane
Keys and Piano : Jane Lane
Programming : Lane and Lane

Songwriting :

Tracks written by Lane and Lane, except when indicated otherwise.

More Info :
Tracks available from iTunes, Amazon, Rdio, e-music, MediaNet, 7-Digital and most major download stores.

List of currently available tracks:

DJs, Press and Radio Stations
If you want full 16-bit wav files, please send an email and we’ll send a Dropbox link.

TV Channels HD video available.

Hook stick was conceived and produced at the Beehouse Recording Studio by Lane and Lane. Various hook stick tracks feature the skills of vocalists Kes C, Little Ryos and Sam Gomm. Hook stick produces slick iconic fun songs and original dance tracks. Hook stick generally perform dance idea tracks, slow and fast, and driven pop in an original, quirky electro-band format. Hook-stick tracks are avaiolable from Noochoon. The main impetus for Hook stick is the writing duo Lane and Lane, aka Philip Lane and Jane Lane, who write, produce and provide the synthesized core of the Hookstick sound both on-stage and off-stage.
Both Jane and Phil have been creatively and technically engaged at the Beehouse Recording Studio for 15 years. Hook stick tracks are in a quirky electro-dubstep crossover genre. Hook stick is releasing a number of new and very exciting tracks this year including "Blue" and "Taste Your Love" from Sam as well as"Sex on Legs" and "Out of Control" from Kes and “123 The Funk” and “Motormouth” from Little Ryos.