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Disco funk revolution..."awesome disco funk UK style!"
Zeitgeist tracks inspired by the disco generation. Exciting British fusion of retro and current styles

New generation funk & soul fronted by the fabulous Kes C.
Hookstick's catchy but original tracks and super-hot soul vocals create not only a great feelgood party vibe, but represent the return of the musician to pop.

The Hookstick Disco Funk Project is about to break.
2017 brings a radio tour, and a live tour. Unique Disco Funk Album "Refugee" release is due March/April, don't miss out.

Mailing List
If you want to keep up with us, sign up for the mailing list on our new page and friend us on facebook. Or keep an eye on the Hookstick Tour Page.

Our style
Singing about everyday stuff, good, bad and ugly, Hookstick's a disco funk band playing original hooky driven funk, soul and pop reggae styles. Modern pop takes on the power of retro funk and soul. Providing a night's entertainment - pop styles mixed with DJ beats.

Hookstick is planning a UK tour in 2017 - details are on the funk tour page.

Download our free samples from this site or from Noochoon. Full tracks will be available from Noochoon and all regular outlets.

Availability :
Tracks available from Noochoon, from iTunes, Amazon, Rdio, e-music, MediaNet, 7-Digital and most major download stores.

DJs, Press and Radio Stations

If you want full 16-bit wav files, please send an email and we’ll send a Dropbox link.

TV Channels HD video available.

Who's in Hookstick?

Voices :

Lead : Kes C
Support: Jonny Welburn

Music :

Guitar : Tom Stedman
Drums and Percussion : Jonny Welburn
Bass Guitar : Rachael Townend
Keys and Piano : Jane and Philip (Fizz) Lane
Programming : Lane and Lane

Songwriting :

Most Hookstick tracks are written primarily by Lane and Lane.









Hookstick's forthcoming album - Refugee