Disco Funk

Disco funk revolution. Samples arriving soon! Hookstick's tasty funk-based tracks and super-hot soul vocals will hit you with that great feelgood party vibe.

The Hookstick Disco Funk Project swings into action - hear them on local radio or eyeball them in person at a shopping mall near you.

New generation funk & soul from the fabulous Kes C.

Samples and downloads from Noochoon. Unique Disco Funk Album "Real" releasing anytime soon.

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Hookstick is a funk band playing hooky driven funk, soul and pop reggae styles with a heavy MOBO sound with all the power of retro funk and soul. They offer a night's entertainment of pop styles mixed with DJ beats. The band are a moveable feast with different instrumentalists covering different sets but fronted with supreme confidence by Kes C in her inimitable funky style. Hookstick is planning a tour this year in support of Action on Hearing Loss - details are on the funk tour page. The tour will be starting at Cardiff Radio with a live interview.

Vocalists :

Kes C
Jonny Welburn


Instrumentalists :

Guitar : Tom Stedman
Drums and Percussion : Jonny Welburn
Bass Guitar and Keys: Rachael Townend
Keys and Piano : Jane and Philip Lane
Programming : Lane and Lane

Songwriting :

Tracks written by Lane and Lane, except when indicated otherwise.

More Info :
Tracks available from iTunes, Amazon, Rdio, e-music, MediaNet, 7-Digital and most major download stores.

List of currently available tracks: Awaiting Upload

DJs, Press and Radio Stations
If you want full 16-bit wav files, please send an email and we’ll send a Dropbox link.

TV Channels HD video available.