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Looking for a pro-active agency for your music or act? Getting listed in the Giggerlist is a matter of course for serious musicians, singers, artists, DJs or bands of any kind. First and foremost a British musicians' listing and music directory, we provide a singers' agency, bands' agency, and a list of available musicians from which visitors can make band bookings or solo artist bookings.

We can offer:

*Bookings for artists and bands

*Record promotion packages.

Start by getting listed: By form

Send us your details - act name, name, address, telephone and email address along with a short description of your styles and experience, and mpegs, demos or photos, if possible. If you don't have any recorded samples of your work, we'll suggest what you can do, economically, to rectify this.

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By putting audio samples of your work on our website you will be making your music available to a much wider audience.

What we will do then:

Once we have listened to your music, we will contact you about your presentation, and make various recommmendations, based on our experience with customers and agencies in the commercial world. After this we will review your act by email and publish the review online if you wish. If we feel we could offer you bookings we will send an agency form to fill in. Please remember that we cannot put you on the site or review you and recommend you until we have had an opportunity to listen to you, and get a flavour of what you can offer.

We will generally ask you for a 10-15% commission on the bookings you are offered.

Giggerlist artists looking for record deals will be offered routes and suggestions for marketing themselves. To look at our current available artists and styles:





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(Giggerlist is grateful to the companies who have advertised "Coolstars Giggerlist". We wish to stress, however, that whilst every care has been taken in compiling this directory and the statements it contains, neither the promoters nor the publisher can accept responsibility for any inaccuracies, or for the products or services advertised.)


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